Rembember your most cherished Tweets.

It's a simple reminder, but better: a tool to recall tweets just when you are about to forget them.

Do you have that huge backlog of liked and bookmarked tweets you want to go through?
Did you save those tweets to remember them only to forget them as soon as you kept scrolling?

Don't fear - Spaced Repetition to the rescue!

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Spaced Repetition

is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.

About to forget?

By using spaced repetition, the learning process is enhanced through enabling improved retention for longer periods of time. Just when you are about to forget the thing you learned, you will be reintroduced to it and your retention curve is pro l o  n   g    e      d.

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Enhance your Twitter Usage

Using Spaced Repetition in combination with Twitter multiplies the value you get from twitter.

The mindless scrolling turns into a way of collecting interesting concepts and ideas.

Spaced Repetition for Twitter keeps collecting all your liked Tweets and makes a scheduled delivery to your timeline.

How it works

✅ Login on here with your Twitter account.

❤️ Go back to Twitter and like some Tweets.

🎉 That's it - you're done.

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Straight to your timeline

If you like a Tweet, we will automatically capture it and put it in a queue.

The Tweets will then be served to you in Spaced Repetition fashion - meaning you will see your liked tweets when you are about to forget them.

The intervals in which the tweets are served will increase every time.

And the best part - no apps or other websites needed - the Tweets are coming right into your Twitter feed.

A place for your tweets. Without letting them collect dust.

Spaced Repetition for Twitter is a great tool to improve the value you can get from Twitter. We'd love you to try it out and tell us about your experience and how to improve.

Start learning today!

We'd love to have you.

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